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CMADE Outdoors Duke of Edinburgh

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As a prominent Approved Activity Provider (AAP) in the UK, CMADE Outdoors ensures the assurance of our expert DofE expedition management service.

Who can take part?

Come and Adventure with us. CMADE Outdoors, a recognised DofE expedition AAP, we have the flexibility to engage with pre-established groups, such as those associated with schools or youth organisations. Additionally, we specialise in assembling individuals to form cohesive units, commonly known as open expeditions.  We welcome all to come and adventure with us.  

Why choose CMADE?

As an accredited DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP), our expertise lies in delivering outstanding Expeditions and Residential programs. Collaborating with Schools, Groups, and Individuals, we guide and support them on their journey to achieving DofE Awards.  Prior preparation is a key to success and so we provide    

The advantages of completing a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with CMADE Outdoors are vast, this experience serves as a profound opportunity for personal development, fostering growth, and enhancing practical skills. Participation in the DofE Award cultivates the skills and attitudes necessary for young individuals to evolve into well-rounded, confident adults—attributes highly sought after by colleges, universities, and employers. Pursuing a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is, therefore, a strategic investment in one's future.

Where are we located?

CMADE HQ situated at Broad Close Farm Campsite in Silkstone, Barnsley.  nestled at the base of the Pennines, a “stone’s throw” from the Peak District.  Our beautiful  little campsite has all the amenities required for a comfortable stay.  The converted pig barn sets an ideal location for indoor training and equipment administration.   

What's involved?

• In-school presentations, meetings and training sessions if required before the expedition.

• Thorough planning and detailed itineraries.

• Extensive knowledge and specialised expertise.

• Booking of accommodation and camp sites.

• Design and execution of Training, Practice, and Qualifying Expeditions.

• A designated Programme Coordinator exclusively for your group.

• Comprehensive equipment provision.

• Staff members who are fully qualified, experienced, and DBS checked.

• GSM tracking devices on all teams, irrespective of the award level.

• Complete logistical support.

• Emergency response backup facility.

Making Tea in Nature
Marshmallows over Campfire

What will I gain?

Participants undergo comprehensive development in various areas:

  • Self-belief and self-confidence

  • A sense of identity

  • Initiative and a sense of responsibility

  • A genuine awareness of personal strengths

  • Acquisition of new talents and abilities

  • The ability to plan and use time effectively

  • Learning from and contributing to the community

  • Formation of new friendships

  • Problem-solving, presentation, and communication skill

  • Leadership and teamwork abilities

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