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Package One: Prep & Deliver - Silver

Come and adventure with us on an extraordinary journey with our Individual Open Silver Expeditions at the picturesque Broad Close Farm, Silkstone. Barnsley At CMADE Outdoors, we offer two exciting packages for the Duke of Edinburgh Silver level.

3 Day Preparation Expedition and 3 Day Qualifying Expedition

Day 1

This phase covers various crucial aspects, including route planning, emergency protocols and camp craft. This ensuring participants are well-equipped with the necessary skills for their upcoming adventure. 


Navigation refresher training and kit administration guidance will take place. The day concludes with an over night wild camp and a good nights sleep following all the hard work!

Trip Planning
Man Hiking in Wilderness

Day 2

Participants kick off their journey with expert-led pre-expedition training, laying the foundation for a safe and enjoyable Silver DofE experience.


The heart of the program unfolds as participants embark on their Silver DofE expedition. Guided by experienced instructors, they put their newfound skills to the test, navigating planned routes and applying camp craft in overnight stays. This real-world experience solidifies their outdoor proficiency and teamwork.

Day 3

Return to base with a enormous sense of pride, having learnt that you have the confidence to sustain yourself independently in the wilderness.  After a final de-brief and kit administration, participants head off home full of confidence that the qualifying expedition is in hand.  

Woman Walking in Forest

Package Two: Qualifying Expedition  - Silver

Come and Adventure with us on a Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Qualifying Award (DofE) training journey with CMADE Outdoors, where each day is thoughtfully structured to enhance your  outdoor skills and prepare you for a successful expedition!

Day 1

Training: Join us at Broad Close Farm & Campsite where CMADE Outdoors will guide you through a comprehensive review of the Silver DofE training syllabus. Refresh your knowledge on key elements such as campcraft, map reading, navigation, and route planning. Immerse yourself in a short walk to sharpen your skills, culminating in an overnight camp.

Sitting by Campfire
Reading a Compass

Day 2/3

Under the guidance of your instructor/assessor from CMADE Outdoors, undertake pre-expedition checks to ensure readiness for the journey ahead. Set off along your accurately planned route, meeting your instructor at predetermined checkpoints. Demonstrate self-sufficiency between checkpoints as you camp overnight, honing both your teamwork and individual capabilities.

Day 4

Continue your expedition along the planned route, taking in the challenges and scenic landscapes. As you reach the finish point, engage in a debrief with your CMADE Outdoors instructor. Present your expedition aims and receive valuable feedback. Conclude the adventure by obtaining your expedition report, a testament to your accomplishments during this enriching Silver DofE experience.




The cost of Package 1 is £175 per person including support and delivery.  

The cost of Package 2 is £210 per person including support a delivery.

If you book both your Silver Qualifying and Silver Training & Practice Expedition at the same time we offer a discount of £50.00 allowing you to bundle the packages together for a total of £335.

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