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Bush - A one day introduction

At CMADE Outdoors, situated in the serene setting of Broadclose Farm in Silkstone Barnsley, we offer a comprehensive full-day program focusing on foundational wilderness skills. This adventure-filled course covers vital aspects for an overnight stay in nature: creating fire, crafting shelters, sourcing water, and foraging for food. It equips outdoor enthusiasts, whether exploring mountainous terrains, paddling through scenic waterways, or enjoying family camping trips, with essential skills to enhance their outdoor experiences.

Designed as a go-to resource for wilderness adventurers, this course serves as a dependable foundation for venturing into nature's embrace. It's a fantastic starting point for those curious about bushcraft but unsure where to begin. Additionally, it serves as a stepping stone to our diverse range of courses, providing an entryway to further outdoor exploration. Gain the confidence and skills needed to make your outdoor escapades truly remarkable with us!

What's included:

Safe use of tools

Lightweight shelters

Water Filtration 

Craft Skills

Campfire Cooking 

Shelter Building 

Skills to camp in the forest 



Bushcraft at CMADE

Experience Woodland Survival Skills 

Ever admired survival shows and wondered if you have what it takes? Join our popular Bushcraft days at CMADE Outdoors for an adventure in nature. Craft fires and build shelters using natural resources in our woodland.

Choose from two immersive experiences: a 2-hour session or an exciting full day adventure.

2 Hour Bushcraft Session £25pp Ideal for families and couples seeking outdoor skills. Learn den building and fire lighting using Ferro rod techniques. (Fire lighting skills may vary based on group size and time constraints.)

Full Day Bushcraft Session £75 Tailored for team building—perfect for corporates, families, and groups. Includes Den Building, Fire Lighting, Nature Walk, and Whittling Basics. Camp fire lunch and beverages thrown in. 



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