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A little about us:

Welcome to CMADE Outdoors, my name is Sean and I would like to tell you a little about myself, and how C-MADE was founded.

In November 2021, concluding a 23 year military career I retired as the Seargent Major of a specialist weapons company in the Yorkshire Regiment. During my time in the Army, I toured in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Estonia. Throughout my military career, I learned many valuable skills including leadership, bushcraft, shooting, outdoor survival, navigation, first Aid, teaching and much more.


My time in the army came to an end, but my passion for the outdoors continued. I wanted to build something that would be fun and benefit the community of all abilities and ages, whilst doing something that I enjoy. That is when I had the idea to build my own outdoor activity centre, C-MADE. C-MADE is a military acronym which stands for ‘Confidence’, ‘Manner’, ‘Attitude’, ‘Diligence’ and ‘Enthusiasm’. The credit for the name suggestion goes to a great friend of mine, discussed over some tea and toast. 


I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors since a young age climbing Helvellyn with ill-fitting boots at the age of 9 is my earliest recollection. Since, I have been very fortunate to travel the world on many different adventures, from parachuting in Germany to glacier climbing in Canada.  Time in the mountains, bushcraft and shooting are three of my greatest passions.

I strongly believe that adventure keeps you young, makes you resilient and improves mental health.  We welcome you to come and adventure with us, our aim is to create an experience that will live in people’s memories for a lifetime. 

We look forward to adventuring with you.

Sean Pears MBA

C-MADE Outdoors


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