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Package One: Prep & Deliver - Bronze

Immerse yourself in the outdoors with a 2-night (3 day) camping experience and pre-training session. Our expert guides ensure you're well-prepared for the challenges of the qualifying expedition. Discover camaraderie, learn essential skills, and create memories that last a lifetime.   

Day 1

Starting with an Archery ice breaker and fun team building challenges, we will head off to the barn to cover the expedition fundamentals:

  • Cooking devices and food preparation

  • Putting up tents

  • Kit waterproofing and packing 

  • Navigation training

    • Destination​

    • Direction

    • Distance

    • Duration

    • Descriptions

Followed by a navigation nature walk in the countryside, bagging checkpoints.  

Archery Target
Hiking Equipment.png

Day 2

Expedition preparation before set off, after full kit checks and distribution of expedition equipment.  Communication and route checks are carried out, finished of with a final brief before set off.  

The DofE Bronze qualifying expedition, facilitated by CMADE Outdoors, entails remote supervision and evaluation by a certified DofE assessor. Subsequent to the expedition, the assessor will conduct a comprehensive debrief with the team, generating individualised reports for each participant. These reports must be uploaded to the participants' eDofE accounts, serving as evidence of successfully completing the Bronze Expedition.

Day 3

Following the meticulous planning and team-building exercises, coupled with thorough preparation for the expedition, the return to base is not just a physical journey but a profound emotional and psychological experience. Participants carry with them an enormous sense of pride, a deep well of confidence that has been unearthed through the challenges faced and overcome during their time in the wilderness.


Having learnt that you have the confidence to sustain yourself independently in the wilderness.  Once the final expedition is complete and collection of evidence has come to an end, team celebrations can finally begin!


Package Two: Qualifying Expedition  - Bronze

For those seeking the thrill of the qualifying expedition, seize the opportunity and come and adventure with us. Navigate the beautiful landscapes of the Pennines and conquer the Bronze DofE challenge with CMADE Outdoors.

Adventure & Assessment

Led by experienced and accredited CMADE instructors, the expedition seamlessly blends adventure and team cohesion. Certified DofE supervisor assessors will assess the participants, providing valuable feedback and insights to enhance their outdoor proficiency. 

Each participant will receive a detailed report capturing their accomplishments and areas for growth. These reports stand as tangible proof of their successful completion of the Bronze Expedition and will be uploaded to their eDofE accounts, marking a significant milestone in their DofE journey.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure, where nature meets personal growth. Secure your spot now for a Bronze DofE experience to remember. CMADE Outdoors will work with you all the way to achieve your hard earned D of E award.  



The cost of Package 1 is £185 per person including preparation training and qualifying expedition.  

The cost of Package 2 is £135 per person for the qualifying expedition only.


Package One 29th March 2024

Package Two 30th March 2024

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